Unlock revenues hidden in plain sight

Our proprietary churn recovery engine makes you money while you sleep


Passive churn is one of the biggest lurking contributors to lost revenues and unhappy customers

How RevRecap Works

Timing is Everything

We identify the best moments to recover declined charges, and automatically attempt transforming lost money and passive churn into new cash flow and recovered subscribers

Invisible to Customers

We dont spam your customers with emails or text messages. Our engine simply find the best times to perform charge attempts and recover payments in the background, picking up failed payments you're missing

Tailored Recovery Profile

Our recovery model is trained on your payments history + pooled data across all merchants. We also generate a unique recovery profile for you that works on Day 1 and gets better over time

ATTRibute based recovery

We use multiple attributes including error code, geography, retry attempts, and card issuer to select which cards to attempt, and when to attempt them

Built by e-commerce owners, for e-commerce owners

Founded by e-commerce CEOs and CTOs ● 100% Owner Operated ● Based in NYC

Maximize Performance, Minimize risk

Card Brands

We stay ahead of updates from VISA, MC, AMEX, and others to make sure recoveries are compliant

ANTI Brute Force

Swiping too aggressively can result in costly penalties from processors, or worse. RevRecap accounts for this


We recover smarter not harder to keep our merchants safe, protected, and in good standing with payment processors

Instant Integration with Nearly all Platforms Including

Transparent Performance Tracking

Your entire passive-churn recovery journey can be visualized in our dashboard. New features added almost weekly!

View recoveries and revenue by time
Understand customer behavior patterns
Receive alerts for unusual activity

Our clients see up to a 6% boost in revenues after the first 15 days

Trusted by Brands

"RevRecap has been amazing! They've captured several thousand dollars for us in just a few weeks. Highly recommend for subscription businesses that regularly see a lot of involuntary churn."

Founder, wholier

"RevRecap captured the same amount of revenue in one week that our previous system was doing in a month. And it held. That’s a 400% increase in successful credit card swipes."

Director of Marketing, Triplebristle

Simple Pricing. No Obligation.


We charge a fixed take on the first successful recovery


We credit fees on any recovery that is later refunded or successfully disputed


The first $2,000 in recovered revenues is on the house


No long term contracts. Cancel anytime


No hidden costs, no monthly minimums, no flat fees. We only make money when we make you money